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Ayurveda 101 + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Movement Therapy

Discover the wisdom in your vibrations…welcome to wise vibes 10 Principles – 10 week Online Course ~ This  program is science based Ayurvedic principles, Yoga, Mindfulness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, known to be 5000 years old.  Ayurveda came into my life in 2005, and had such an amazing impact in my life, this was a natural evolution to offer this coaching opportunity to help you find your optimal health! 
Disclaimer: This program is based on Eastern philosophy and lifestyle habits. I am a wellness Coach. There is no diagnosing, or medical advice given.  For medical concerns, consult your health care professionals.

Have you heard of Ayurveda?
(I- yer = Science/knowledge – Vay- duh= Life)
Ayurveda is a way of combining lifestyles, foods, herbs to treat imbalances.  
Where there is clutter, there is disruption. In Eastern medicine this is known as stagnant Chi.  We need clear channels in our life and bodies to move with ease and age gracefully. Space in your head to think clearer making better decisions.  Space in your environment to feel relaxed and settled.

We’ll learn about Dinacharya, an Ayurvedic term for your daily routine we know as our circadium rhythm, how and what we do in our 24 hours each day.  This approach is about restoring Ojas,  the vital force that governs hormonal balance.  Cultivating daily balance of body and mind, following guidelines based on Ayurvedic principles set around the 24 hour clock.

Ayurvedic principles bring an understanding and course of action to enhance health, and help you connect your mind and body on a deeper level.  With our fast paced society and stress levels, and the (SAD) standard american diet, the systems of the body are constantly challenged, and become over-worked and stressed beyond their capacity to maintain balance.

Your daily habits influence your biochemistry, when you can bring this into balance, your hormones have the ability to reset, healthy cells renew and your ecosystem has the ability to restore homeostasis~

How well we digest and eliminate &  How we wake up each day is a reflection of yesterday.
These are our measuring sticks of What to do more of… What to do less of.

How does the 10 week program work? Each week a new philosophy is introduced, a recorded call for time convenience.  A weekly coaching call for identifying your action plan based on the Kaizen approach of make it so simple you’ll do it.

 Some of the common health complaints shown to improve with these 10 habits: Digestive Complaints — Hormonal Imbalance – Joint Pain/Body Aches —Chronic Headaches — Inflammation — Autoimmune Issues — Brain Fog —Mood Swings/Temper imbalance — Restless Sleep — High Stress/Cortisol levels —Fatigue/Lack of Energy — Skin Conditions — Hot Flashes – Night Sweats-  – Infertility – Sexual issues – Menopause – Poor eating habits – Constipation – Frequent farting/gas/ bloating after meals – Depression- 

~Start anytime!! Join an organized group, private, bring your own group, you choose, your way~  

Week 1) Home Base.

This is where it starts! Creating healthy healing space. What we put in our body and mind every 24 hours is vital to our entire well-being.  When the daily routine is aligned with the guidelines of Nature, this creates space for our inner ecosystem to become a thriving environment for cells and systems of the body to cleanse and renew.  Setting the practice for aging with grace and ease.

Week 2) Fire Place.  Earlier, Lighter Dinners. Agni, digestive fire. Conscious eating.  Understand the uniqueness of 24 hours and maximizing bodies optimal digestive times to eat and what.

Week 3) Restoring Space.

Early to bed. Settling in and winding down.  Healthier way to spend our evenings, cultivating deep rest.  Gentle activities, Restore, decompress, bath, walk, reading

Week 4) Inviting Grace.

Start the Day Right. Waking, opening, creating space for the day. Setting in motion a well performing day.  Heading out feeling organized and complete.

Week 5) Head Space.

Breath Body Practices. Pranayama. Conscious Breathwork, Meditation , mindfulness and Get inspired before you go.  Life starts with our first breath, ends with our last.

Week 6) Time & Place.

Daily routine Healthier Eating Guidelines. Meal Planning, Streamline preparation.

Week 7) Plant Base.

Farm to Fork.  Learning more about preparing, eating, cooking plant based foods. Shopping local and seasonal.  Explore your relationship with food.

Week 8) Open Space.

Daily Self Care.  Abhyanga. Self Massage. It is about You!

Week 9) Zen Place.

A Zenful approach to living more consciously. Sense Organ care. Our senses guide us about the world.  When we lose sensory acuity, we lose perceptivity.  You’ll become more aware of how you spend your days and where, and with whom.

Week 10- Life and Pace – How to maintain these principles, living with grace and ease*10 weeks cultivating Home Base = Reminding you that YOU are the most important person in your life.  As your biochemistry shifts, you will notice subtle shifts in your cellular intelligence,  restoring balance and ease.    In these 10 weeks you will discover supportive tools you will carry with you to reset anywhere, this is a life practice.  Cultivating a life of grace and ease~

  • E- Course includes:

10 Weeks guided Coaching:

*Weekly Call – Lesson of the Weekly Habit – recorded
*Two- One on One calls with Coach throughout the 10 weeks

*One on One clients will have weekly call

*Weekly Team Coaching Gym Call – Everyone is encouraged to participate

ALL calls are recorded for those and accessable at any time

*24/7 private Facebook Forum

*E- Books:
Ayurveda 101 E-Book

Personal Investment:

10 Weeks – approximately two hours a week for Lesson, worksheets & call

Commitment to do your very best.

Reach out when you want to retreat.  Do not suffer in silence-

Financial Investment:

One- On- One weekly coaching:  $997 ($99.70)

12 weeks coaching /weekly private call

Private Coaching

Private 12 Week Coaching


Wise Vibes Group session:  $397 ($39.70/week)

Individual Sign up

10 week Program


(a) Add Accountability partner either family member or friend $297


10 Week Coaching Program


Full time students: Ages 16-26

$197.00                 ($19.70/week)

Ayurveda 101

10 Week Online Group / Yoga Assets Omie’s Coaching Program


Yoga Assets Omie’s & Other Private organized Groups – Minimum 10

$297 per person ($29.70/week)

*If you really would like to take this course and have financial obstacles, please contact me personally for an alternative payment option.