LIZ YOUNG — Wellness Coach
Movement Therapist Focused Bodywork — Yoga & Mindfulness (MBSR Foundations) Instructor

I grew up in Jackson WY, in a home where my Mother was a pioneer of her own imagination.  She believed that food was our medicine, and that all disease starts in the gut.  The kitchen was where all the good stuff happened.

At a young age, I was watching my Mom throwing dandelions in the blender way before it was trendy! She made her own yogurt, sourdough, sprouts, ground whole wheat to create delicious breads with ease,  and loved holistic trends.

Her cure for anything that ailed us was bound to include coffee enemas, goldenseal and garlic. There was no faking sick at our house!

These early impressions instilled a strong knowing that good health, requires a thriving ecosytem beginning with our food.  How we prepare, eat, digest, and eliminate,

Staying curious and open to learning, and understanding the depth of the intelligence of our cells and the human body, is what has structured my career over the past two decades as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga/ Mindfulness Instructor and Wellness Coach.

In 1995 I enrolled in Massage school with 4 kids aged 3 months, 2, 6 and 8, everybody thought I was crazy… I was ecstatic.  Everything fell into place and I never looked back. When I graduated I was already gainfully employed.

My work started in a destination Spa and Yoga Retreat Center.  Working with a lot of athletes, my work morphed into Focused bodywork.  My toolbox became a combination of Myofascial release, Neurokinetic Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, CranioSacral, Reflexology, Yoga, Eastern modalities, Oncology, Prenatal, PTSD & Medical aspects, it’s cultivated into an eclectic blend of therapies I call Movement Therapy.

In 2001, spending a month in Thailand studying Thai Massage, yoga, cooking, learning about the culture, exploring countryside, Temples (Wats), and meeting people.

Co Founder of SWAHA and Founder of  Pura Vida College of Massage Therapy from 2005-2013. One of my greatest pleasures and learning experiences.  It was an honor to coach and mentor 100’s of massage practitioners.

In 2005, seeking more knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, I joined an Ayurvedic detox group. Following Ayurvedic principles, became more of a lifestyle with regular Spring/Fall detoxing.  Seasonal cleansing, became something my body craved, and I noticed the feeling of more spaciousness in my body. I really enjoyed being able to detox and eat well.  Lose weight, and not starve. I started to recruit family and friends.

This stirred the interest to enroll in a year long Living Ayurvedic Course to understand the language; 2013, I entered the Ayurvedic Health Coaching program that introduced a Science based lifestyle changing program. Designed to build upon each week, 10 Habits over 10-Weeks.  In aligning the body’s 24-hour clock/rhythm, with Nature.
Dinacharya is the Ayruvedic term for daily lifestyle/routine.In 2016, I completed a 200 hour Registered Yoga Instructor program and 2018, a 500 hour Yoga Instructor.  Now I well past the 1000 eRYT.  As Yoga and Ayurveda Sister Sciences. I’ve invested several years learning and practicing Ayurveda and Eastern Medicine.

My Ayurvedic Story that led me into Wellness coaching….. 

My success with the 10-habits practice came after a crushing time in my life, grief, huge financial loss and Menopause.

My symptoms presented disconcerting high cortisol levels, chronic fatigue, EPV, hormone imbalance, stress, weight gain, hot flashes, irritable, mood swings…unable to think clearly to help myself, I went to a Women’s Health Physician. He put me on Hormone supplements that increased my complaints significantly and I gained 30 lbs. in six weeks!

Frustrated, depressed and miserable, I humbly went back to my Eastern medicine routine and my go-to remedies.

In the first month of  integrating 10 Ayurvedic principles, I begin to experience significant changes.  In two months I had lost 10 pounds, I felt much better and lighter.  The body had space to build and repair.

Since then I have been able to balance/manage my hormones, lose weight, sleep well at night, eliminate hot flashes & night sweats, wake up rested and energetic, and feel more conscious in my body.  Menopause was manageable, I eat more consciously, and deepened  my relationship with myself.

This has inspired me to help other and share these habits!

More than ever the evidence is clear of the importance of  choosing healthy foods and lifestyle habits and in order to cultivate and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

I have moments (days) of weakness, and some days are better than others…. the difference now is my internal review board, is quick to notify and get me back on track.

I’ve combined my knowledge of bodywork, yoga and ayurveda, in the 10 week program.  I am here to support and guide you into nurturing a deeper relationship with yourself, and understanding your body on a cellular level.
Anyone with hormones can benefit from this coaching!

Replace frustration, and confusion with deliberate intention.

Wise Vibes to the rescue!