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BODYWORK SESSIONS – January 2022 update: 

As a Professional Bodyworker since 1996, one can expect to experience an integration of a variety of modalities.  Neuromuscular,Therapy Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral, Neurokinetic, Swedish, Eastern, Reflexology, Sports, Preventative, Injury and Rehabilitative Massage.
Focus to reduce pain, dysfunction and restriction in the body.
Increase ease of movement, energy, strength and performance in the body.

Movement Therapy

Up to 80% of joint movement is determined through the fascia. The first session involves a Consultation where we will review health history, assess and discuss areas of concern, body alignment, injuries, surgery(s), trauma.

30 Minute – $50

60 Minute – $90

90 Minute – $120

ThaiShi :  Chinese Medicine says when we have pain in the body it is caused by stagnant energy (via injury/ misalignment/ dysfunction, etc.).  By working specific pressure points we restore the flow of Chi through the body.

This is an interactive session, a blend of Shiatsu and Thai massage, also known as yoga for two. Includes lots of movement and stretching with palm pressure along the bodies energy meridians.  Relaxing – balancing, invigorating.

90 minutes – $115                                          


Massage 101

Would you like to hone a few effective massage skills to help friends and family?

*Quick fixes for those days you just need something a little extra.

*Basic anatomy to understand what muscles you are zoning in on.

This is a fun, educational opportunity to learn some great skills!

Three hour training to learn an effective 30 minute back/neck/hands & feet massage.

– Quick Fixes

-Binder complete with pics and routine

– Massage crème

-$99 Tuition for 2 people

Contact to schedule – Groups or Private

Massage 101 Workshop

Three hour class designed for general public interested in learning basic skills and anatomy. Quick fixes, how to help friends and family with common day stresses


Corporate Care

Add longevity to your career. Get through the work day without pain.

Bring me in to teach your hard working staff how to reduce wrist/back/neck pain

from long hours sitting and typing at the computer, or whatever sedentary,

long term working situations One might be in for many hours at a time.

Call to schedule

Simple Solutions Infant Massage


Learn simple, effective massage skills to help with Colic, Digestive issues, Teething, Stress and muscle pain. Ease the transition into life and movement with massage techniques, Everybody wins.

Simple Solutions Infant Massage

Make your life a little simpler. Quick fixes and simple solutions to help your new baby adjust to the world. Colic, Digestive issues, sleeping....